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 I'm Jon Price and this is a little bit about me and how The Bradnor Branchline came into being.

Me 2

My enthusiasm for model railways started at an early age, thanks to my dad building a little oval Hornby layout, (mainly for himself, as I didn't get to play with it too often). I was also privileged in having the opportunity to visit Tiseley Station with my parents many times.
I will try to dig out some photo's of the old Hornby layout, I'm sure there are some at my folks house.

The world of work took me in a different direction, as a carpenter and builder. However this started me off making model buildings, like the 12th scale model above and eventually led me back to railways when I started to get interested in railway architecture, in particular bridges and tunnels from the Victorian era.

Road under bridge

Although I still build, (it pays the bills for now), I decided to launch The Bradnor Branchline when I had five model tunnels and bridges and moulds completed.
New models on the way are: A large road under bridge based on the photo above. Hopefully this will be supplied in kit form, plus a model of Knucklas Viaduct, below (also in kit form). A large double tunnel portal, similar in design to the single tunnel portal in my range and a medieval river bridge, based on The River Lugg bridge at Presteigne in Powys, (also in kit form), all of which should be ready by the end of 2010. However, the Knucklas Viaduct may take a little longer.

Knucklas Viaduct

Other interests include plastic kits which I use to demonstrate some of my Bradnor Branchline models......





Dapol loco (Modified)


A much modified 'Small Prairie' loco above and kit built water tower.

As time goes by I hope to replace some of these pictures with more of my workshop plus work on my model bridges and tunnels.
You can write to me directly:
Jon Price
The Bradnor Branchline.
3 Hereford Street
Call or leave a message on: 07890 543944
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