A range of finescale OO Gauge Bridges and Tunnels for the discerning model maker

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The Bradnor Branchline is offering a full bespoke model making service,
from the smallest detailed model in 2mm scale to a complete joinery built baseboard for any size or scale layout.
The main considerations when building a layout, whether it is a small indoor model or an extensive garden railway are time and money.
If you you have plenty of time (and a little money) you can develop the skills required to create a layout to be proud of.
However, you may not have enough time to put together the kind of model railway you have always dreamed of owning.
Perhaps you want to create a good quality baseboard or build a sound footing for a garden railway.
Perhaps you have reached the stage where you have a functioning layout, but require some special detail.
The sort of items that you can't buy in the shops.




This where we can help you. With over 20 years of building and joinery experience and over 15 years of model making experience,
The Bradnor Branchline is now offering a complete bespoke model making service.
We can build your model railway from the ground up.
This includes: Exhibition standard base boards, built to your specifications. (Not including track laying or electronics at this stage.)
Garden railway footings and elevated walling, (including weather proof viaducts, bridges and tunnels). Scenery and buildings in any scale.
Bridges and tunnels made to your exacting specifications, also in any scale.
Models that are suitable for use in a garden setting.
Kits built and/or modified.
Weathering applied to models, either built by us or supplied by you.
Not sure if you can afford this service? No problem.
We provide a no obligation written free quotation.


You can write to me directly:
Jon Price
The Bradnor Branchline.
3 Hereford Street
Call or leave a message on: 07890 543944
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